Adding to our offered products, we also give you the possibility of various services if needed. We provide distribution, event and sampling services in addition to your campaign.


We can also assist you with the business development of the projects, based on an understanding of your strategy.


In our experience, there is a strong synergetic effect to achieve by combining the products and the services that we provide, making it an optimal set-up to a successful project. Therefore, we are able to do it better, cheaper and faster.

Logistic services


• Customized packaging

• Labels & wrapping, tape w. logo etc.

• Package and collection

• Warehouse storage

• Packaging – boxes, envelopes etc.

• Labels and wrapping

• Freight and Shipment

• Direct mail campaigns

• Express delivery

• Special in-store setup (POS and other)

• Live-reporting of all jobs

Events & Sampling


• Special event sampling

• Complete setup and execution

• Decorating (combined with POS)

• Event/Sample crew

• Crew training and education

• All transportations tasks

• Evaluation and documentation

• Live-reporting of all jobs



• Understanding strategy

• Understanding target group

• Development of concept

• Implementation with strategy



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We produce POS and printing material in the best quality, guaranteeing a quick and reliable delivery. All projects can be customized on your request.


TradeProduction offers merchandise products for all needs including both mass production and customized small orders.


In addition to POS, printing material and merchandise, TradeProduction provides the possibility of a full-time service for events, sampling, distribution and concept development to ensure the best outcome on your campaign.

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